Making Money From Funny Video Websites


Funny video websites can be very profitable. Many people are actually making their living off it because people love to laugh at other people’s misfortune. Here’s how to make funny video websites pay:

1. Making a site.

Choosing a good name for your funny video website is important. You should try to find a domain name that is catchy, funny and unique. This is the key to not Patreon only grabbing traffic but maintaining return traffic. Make it easy for your visitors to remember so they can easily find their way back to your site.

2. Finding the videos.

Many of the popular video sites allow and encourage you to use their funny videos on your website. They even provide you the embed code to place those videos on your site. Some of the sites share videos with others so it is fairly easy to find funny videos to populate your video website with.

3. Monetizing the site.

You will make money on your website from a variety of different income streams. Pay per click advertising (PPC), selling advertising spots and selling either your own products or affiliate products are some of the best and easiest ways to make money from your funny videos.

Sign up for accounts at Google and yahoo for PPC ads. These sites will walk you through the process of placing these ads on your video website. You can also sign up for accounts on affiliate networks like clickbank where you can choose a variety of products that will compliment the type of videos you are displaying on your website. There are many, many programs out there designed for video website publishers where you can promote other people’s products for a nice commission on each sale.

Once your video site begins to attract traffic, you can solicit other websites to place banner ads on your site. This can be very profitable and eventually the businesses will begin approaching you for those favorable ad spots.
By adding these different income streams you will find that your funny video site can indeed be a very good money maker.

4. Designing your site.

There are many website authoring programs available that will make the physical design of your website very easy. It is not necessary to know how to write code with this software. Some web hosts even have a website builder built right into their hosting package so putting everything together on a website will only take minutes. A good “make video website” book or manual will show you exactly what needs to be done and provide inside access to sources which can make things thousands of times easier.

Cathy Henry is an experienced internet marketer who took a small seasonal business and turned it into a full-time business with 6 figures a year online sales for the past 5 consecutive years.

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