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You should know which medications and at what frequency you’ll need to use them for pain management. You can let a spouse or child know about your treatment schedule if you plan to ask them to help with recovery.

Remind yourself that healing takes time. The limitations of activity after surgery and the long recovery process can cause emotional depression. While it can be tempting to allow those emotions to take control, make an effort to put your focus elsewhere. You can celebrate small victories like a decrease in the pain level and an increase of energy. Positivity and a goal-oriented precio de operación de hernia discal attitude can greatly help your recovery.

The pain that you experience after a back operation is to be expected, but the types of discomfort are different. Speak to your physician before the surgery so you can get an idea about what pain to expect. How bad will the pain be? How will you be affected? How long does it last? What to expect can help you determine whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are normal or if you should contact your doctor. While some pain is completely normal, others can signal a surgical complication.

Don’t ignore postoperative pain that is not in line with what your doctor has told you. If you experience pain or swelling in your leg or arm, this could mean that there is a blood-clot. The risk of blood-clots increases with surgery, as the inactivity reduces circulation and makes you more susceptible to clots. A severe amount of pain could mean that you have an infection. Monitor your pain and consider what you were told by your doctor. Talk to your physician if you feel more pain or a different type of pain than what your doctor told you. If you can identify a problem early, it will be less disruptive to your recovery.

You will receive prescriptions from your doctor for medication after surgery. Your doctor may also recommend alternatives that you can buy over the counter. You may have pain-control options such as opioids, anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs or local anesthetics. Follow the instructions on your medications carefully. Asking a relative or friend to help you manage your medicine schedule can also be beneficial. Note that certain pain medicines can cause your digestive system to slow down.

Consider where you bed is. It is on the first level? It is possible to move the item up a floor. It will be challenging to navigate stairs after surgery.

Consider what you need during your recuperation. You should try to keep as many of these items within reach as possible. It may be necessary to place a television or a small table near the bed, or to relocate your phone charger on a side table. Prepare a handy medication organizer and store plenty of clean, dry clothes nearby. You can keep a heated pad near your bed, and a cane/walker nearby for the times when you feel like moving around. Also, you’ll need to consider what types of pillows are most comfortable for you.

Consider what you need during your recuperation. As many of these items as possible should be within easy access. It may be necessary to place a television or table near the bed, or to relocate your phone charger on a side table. Prepare a handy medication organizer and have plenty of clean, dry clothes nearby.

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