What to Expect After the Procedure


This procedure stimulates the body’s healing reaction, stimulating new collagen and revitalizing the facial tissues. This procedure is especially beneficial for older patients. As the body produces less collagen with age, it can be used to revitalize and heal the skin. The skin is strengthened, thicker, and more hydrated by stimulating collagen production during the healing process. PDO Thread Lifts do not require general anesthesia, unlike more invasive procedures that may require it. They only require local anesthesia. Patients can drive themselves home, and many patients can return to their normal lives that day. This is in contrast to surgical facelifts which require transport after the procedure and at least three days of caregiving.

Side effects of the thread lift are very rare once the procedure is completed. Most patients feel mild redness, soreness, swelling, and redness. Prescription pain medication is not often necessary to relieve discomfort. PDO Thread Lifts require little recovery time and are much more painless than other invasive cosmetic procedures. The area will be anesthetized Cosmetic Injector Sydney with local anesthesia before the procedure. This eliminates any discomfort. You may feel mild discomfort after the procedure, but prescription pain medication is rarely required.

The PDO Thread Lift can be used to tighten the neck, jawline and cheeks. This procedure can also be used to remove unwanted wrinkles like crows feet or’marionette lines. The PDO Thread Lift is recommended for patients suffering from mild to moderate sagging and wrinkles. Yes, that’s the short answer. The cost of treatment and the outcome of PDO Threads will vary depending on the thickness, length and shape of the threads. Based on your desired results, the doctor will determine the right type of thread for you.

After being recognized in wound care surgery, thread lifts have become very popular in the cosmetic world. You are looking for non-surgical ways to lift your skin?

Professionals insert threads or sutures under the skin during thread lift using fine sterilized needles. The threads are placed below the skin where it is loose and saggy. The threads tighten and rejuvenate the skin. These threads are dissolved, making the skin appear younger for many years. Each of the above mentioned threads has a different dissolving period and work in different ways. Other non-absorbable threads exist, but they are rare and painful.

Which thread lift is the most effective? Experts say that PDO and PLLA are the best thread lifting processes. They have both immediate and long-lasting results. Let’s take a look at each of these procedures in more detail. This involves using barbs to lift the skin. PDO is a biocompatible material that makes the sutures. They dissolve in six months and stimulate collagen production.

PDO instantly lifts the skin with the barbs and has long-lasting effects. The effect can last for up to one year, depending on the patient’s collagen level and age. For lifting wrinkles and sagging skin, barbed sutures work best. It is used to gather and pull back the skin. PDO tightens the cheeks and cheeks, and lifts the sagging facial mass.

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