The Importance of Marketing in a Network Marketing Business or MLM Business

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What is network marketing?

It is developing a network of customers and distributors through marketing to individuals.

Many people leave out the marketing part, and just call it ‘sharing’ or word of mouth.

The fact is that word of mouth IS probably the best form of advertising, but not in network marketing. The reason is, that in mlm you have a financial advantage to Top Network Marketing Companies gain from spreading things word of mouth. When you have a vested financial interest in sharing something with someone, your message looses most of it’s effectiveness.

If you really think you are just sharing, then drop out of your company right now, and THEN continue to ‘share’ the info about the products or opportunity to your friends and family at the same level and intensity.

What?! Why would anyone do that; that’s crazy! you say.

Is it crazy to tell your friends about a great movie you just saw or a great place to eat, because you have nothing to gain from that? THAT is sharing. Anything with a financial motive behind it of any kind is SELLING.

This is a selling business. Please don’t buy into the ‘we just share with others’ bologna. You are selling something, and you cannot earn a commission unless something is sold (whether it be a product or a business opportunity).

So, that’s why the word MARKETING is in network marketing and multilevel marketing, because that is what you need to do to build that network of customers and distributors.

Let me ask you something:

Do you see sales reps for fortune 500 companies out phoning up their friends and family and hitting people up at the grocery store trying to make sales?

No way! Why? Because they know how to properly MARKET themselves and their products/services unlike most network marketers.

Then understand and apply fundamental marketing methods.

They don’t fool themselves into believing that they are just ‘sharing’ with people. They know they are salesmen and they know something has to be sold in order for them to make a commission. They don’t try to rationalize what they do as something it is not. It is what it is: sales.

What can you learn from this?

You can learn that this is absolutely a sales business and you are a sales person, and if you know how to posistion and market yourself and your business properly; you can achieve a much greater level of success than messing around with all of the hyped up ‘No, this is not sales’ verbage that is basically a flat out lie.

Something has to be sold in order for anyone to make money. That’s sales. Besides, wouldn’t you rather people know and understand that BEFORE joining your team? Wouldn’t you have a much stronger and more effective team if you were to shoot straight with people and not beat around the bush?!

Why do think many professionals laugh at mlm or at network marketers? Because they see all the silly things we do just to try to get people to listen or to buy our products or join our business. If your products or your mlm business are really that great, then why should you feel like you have to ‘peddle’ them to anyone and everyone who will give you an ear?

Don’t stoop to that level, please.

t’s time we have more respect for ourselves and the businesses we represent, and stop running around like a door to door salesman on speed; and simply become more educated on one of the most important parts of this entire business: MARKETING!

When you market properly, you attract people to you and your message becomes more attractive to prospects.

Besides, if you know how to effectively market, you can build almost any company you want successfully.

So go get educated on EFFECTIVE marketing and watch your business take off!

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Scott Rogers is a Network Marketing Consultant who Specializes in Helping Network Marketers Truly Succeed in Their Chosen Businesses by Providing Resources, Education, and Tools for Effective Business Building and Marketing.

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