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We tried dozens of live chat apps to determine the best one for you Customer live chat. It is becoming a more popular channel for handling service issues and has one of the highest satisfaction rates. This app is inexpensive and can be added to your existing technology stack. I have used live chat apps as a business development professional for the past four years and have been using them to test these solutions. As companies seek to offer their customers a differentiating service, I have seen a lot of innovation. It cannot be easy to choose from so many live chat apps.

We’ve done the legwork to help you navigate. I thoroughly tested and reviewed the best live chat apps for customer service and researched over 30. Then, I selected seven of the best live chat apps, ranging from free to fully featured, with some extras.Our best app roundups were written by people who have spent a lot of time writing, testing and using the software. We spend hours researching, testing, and evaluating apps. After establishing my criteria and doing my initial research, I started testing the apps. I installed the chat widget on my website and tried each feature. These are the top seven live chat apps after extensive testing and retesting.

You can see the core functions of chats, traffic, and tickets as icons on the left side. To get started, I used LiveChat’s WordPress plugin to install the chat widget. It only took a few moments. Clicking on the settings icon will bring up all the information you need to customize and set up other features.This guide is for new LiveChat users. You can jump in and set up your LiveChat quickly. You don’t need to create one if your company already has one. Instead, contact your manager. They will create an account for you. Once they have created an account, you will receive an email invitation. You can accept chats immediately after you log into the LiveChat Agent app.

Customers who visit your website’s chat room will be assigned to you directly. This is great news for teams that are ready to interact with customers. You can turn off “accepting chats” to focus on other tasks within the app. This option can be used when you need to take a break or manage your LiveChat account. It also allows you to turn off the chat flow during offline hours. You will receive an email notification whenever a visitor submits tickets. Tickets are the equivalent of emails. A red badge will be displayed under the Tickets tab with a number indicating how many available tickets are.

You will primarily focus on creating communication channels at the beginning of your LiveChat journey. This section of the Agent app will allow you to communicate with customers immediately. This section is where visitors can start a chat. This section will enable you to communicate with visitors, review their survey information and find any other information our tracking system has picked up. The Tickets section lets you manage offline communication. It holds tickets submitted by visitors to the website during offline hours. This section allows you to send replies, change statuses, and assign keys directly to your colleagues. The Archives section also stores all completed conversations.

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