Moving Tips And Tricks For A Faster, Easier And Less Stressful Move


These are the most important items to pack. They are easily broken and will be much more durable in a container. Lamp shades can be easily assembled and placed in a suitable-sized box. You can group smaller lamps together and place them in a box with cushioning or throw pillows on their sides. Picture boxes can be used for pictures or other fragile items such as mirrors and wall clocks. However, they are expensive. You can move locally by cutting open a regular cardboard container and wrapping it around your items. Bubble wrap or packing papers can be placed between the item’s cardboard to provide extra protection. For smaller photos, such as those on commercial moving and storage your nightstand, you should pack them in boxes with packing tissue.

If you feel that the box you are currently packing is not long enough for your needs then open another similar-sized box and place it over the one you are packing. Voila! Voila! You now have an even taller box that fits perfectly. You should tape the sides as well as the bottom. Once we arrive, things will move quickly so double-check that everything is labeled and properly stocked in your “do no pack or move” area. Your keys, jacket and shoes, as well as your phone chargers and overnight bag should all be safe. Simple mistakes like forgetting the keys to your new house in the bag we brought in the truck can cost you hours. It is possible to hire someone to help you do it, but this could be costly. A house filled with stuff means you don’t have time or energy for a simple move. This is why you will need all the moving tips, tricks and advice you can find.

You need the help of professionals to make it your best move, and save money. These are not self-proclaimed experts, they are real moving professionals who have spent years perfecting the best way to move. You read that right, we got tips and tricks directly from founders and top realtors who have completed more than 1,000 real estate transactions. We share every tip, trick, and hack that real pros have used so you can, too. Chris Murray, an agent who sells more properties than the average agent, advises that you make sure utilities are transferred before you close escrow.

He says that it can take between a few hours and several weeks to get the gas, water and electric running. You should schedule the transfer as soon a you know the day you are moving in. Ryan Carrigan is the co-founder at moveBuddha. It’s a quick and easy way to schedule a move online. Moving crews will be more efficient and do a better job if they are fresh.

Glanz states, “This is particularly true in summer when moving teams are scheduled for up to 5-6 jobs in one shift.” Your loading request will end up being their fifth move. Even if they have the best crew, they might be exhausted and work slower. Carrigan advises that you only buy sturdy, high quality boxes.

Choose small and medium-sized boxes over large ones. According to Ben Soreff, a professional organizer and creator of House to Home Organizing, this is a common mistake that people make when they move.

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